Hedge Trimming Acton W3

Hedge Trimming ActonMaintaining your garden and green field in good condition includes having the bushes and small tree species shaped and trimmed well. Whether you have overgrown shrubs, conifers or other plant species that need shaping, give us a call and we will take care of them.

Our gardeners are real experts in making unkept outdoor areas into well shaped, pleasant and attractive. They are supplied with the proper equipment, needed for the work. Use our professional hedge trimming services that are at your disposal in Acton W3 to make your outdoor green areas well shaped and stylish.

Gardening Service Price
Lawn Mowing (Team of Two) £37 £33
Hedge Trimming (Team of Two) £37 £33
Weeding (Team of Two) £37 £33

The backyard of my house is where my kids and dogs play all day. It is important to keep it clean and in order, because of theirs health. You provide me with a first class gardening and I am happy that I hired you!” – Susan

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Hedge Trimming Services Acton

No matter the condition and size of your hedges, our gardeners can shape and strim them to make your outdoor areas look pleasing. They carry out:

  • One off reducing of the height and width of hedges
  • Trimming small hedges and large conifers
  • Cleaning of cut branches, leaves, etc. from the area
  • Creating sharp, rounded or oval lines to make the shape of the hedges that the customer wants
  • Using professional machines when doing the work

We can help you make your garden area look aesthetically pleasing and attractive by keeping the hedges in it well shaped. Our gardeners can trim your small ornamental hedges and large conifers in all kinds of shapes to suit your preferences and create the style you desire. They can make perfectly sharp lines and make the row of hedges look even and stylish. If you want you can have rounded hedges with oval or any other shape.

Hedge Cutting W3

Hedge CuttingOur gardeners can take care of the cutting and shaping of wisterias that cover your house. Our gardeners always clear up the hedge trimmings and wastes after themselves and dispose of them responsibly. They sweep the driveways and pavements. Call us to book the hedge trimming that we carry out in Acton to owners of houses and other properties.

In case the hedges in your house have grown too high and obstruct your view, have reached the pavements or climb your house, contact us to reduce them to the desired size. Our company operates in W3 providing excellent hedge trimming.

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